Read on for a handy checklist of the most essential November home maintenance tips to help you stay cozy and safe through the long U.P. winter ahead. 

November is the most anticipated month of the year in the U.P.  Many Yoopers spend the first two weeks of the month praying for snow as deer fever reaches its peak. As for the second two weeks…well, let’s just say half the male population of the peninsula will be lost in the woods and enjoying every minute of it. 

Upper Peninsula homeowners, on the other hand, have good reason to hope the white stuff holds off. Most years, November is the very last chance to button up your home before winter slams down on us in earnest. And in this blog covering the top November home maintenance tips for U.P. residents, we hope to make it easy. 

General November Home Maintenance Tips for Yooper Homeowners 

This is NOT the month to put off what you know you need to do before winter. (Especially if you didn’t get around to completing your October home maintenance tasks.) 

Unless of course you enjoy weather damage, high heating bills, drafty rooms, bad indoor air, snow removal headaches, and broken water pipes. 

I didn’t think so.

So the first and most important of our November home maintenance tips is to get serious about doing the rest of them. 

Without delay. 

And for you hunters out there, no sorry excuses. 

Seriously. Man (or woman) up and get it all done in the first week or two of November BEFORE the opening day of deer season. 

Or it will never happen. 

And you will never live it down.

(You know we’re right about this. So does your spouse. Remember what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of domestic tranquility. Or something like that.)

Our Yooper-Friendly November Home Maintenance Checklist 


While October focused on securing your home for winter weather, our November home maintenance tips primarily zero in on keeping your indoor environment healthy and safe. (Oh yes, and what to do with all that snow…) 

Wondering which tasks are most essential this month? Never fear. Our handy-dandy checklist contains our top November home maintenance tips for U.P. homes.

Here are our picks for the top maintenance chores you should do in November to protect your home and family. (The single asterisks indicate the most essential house maintenance tasks for your safety and convenience this month):  

  • Complete any remaining winterization tasks. If you followed our October recommendations, your home will already be well prepared to withstand the cold blasts of winter. If not, read our fall home maintenance checklist here and go get ‘em done! 
  • *Clear the space around your heaters. Curtains and flammable items should be kept a safe distance away. In the absence of manufacturer recommendations a 12 inch clearance should be adequate. 
  • Clean bathroom exhaust fans. This will ensure adequate air flow and protect your indoor air quality.
  • Deep clean your home. It’s not just for spring. You’re about to be stuck inside for months. Clearing any accumulated dust, grime, or mildew now will let you go into winter with clean indoor air. And, it will make last minute holiday cleaning a snap! To breathe extra easy this winter, consider installing an air purifier if you don’t already have one.
  • Clean the cooling coils of your fridge. Yes, even newer refrigerators need their coils cleaned. It could save you up to 35% on your refrigeration costs, plus add a couple years to the life of your fridge. Not sure how? This helpful blog explains it in 4 easy steps.   
  • *Check Your Fire Safety Equipment. Take a minute to make sure your smoke and CO2 alarms are working. Do it around the time change now and in the spring to keep your family safe all year round – and especially for the holidays!  
  • *Plan and prepare for snow removal. If this is your first year in the U.P., you are in for a treat. (Heh, heh.) If not, you know what’s coming. Some areas of the Upper Peninsula routinely receive close to 300 inches of snow a year. It’s got to go somewhere. Plan now where you will put it. Don’t forget to look up winter parking and snow removal regulations in your community first. 

You’ll also need to be sure you have the proper snow removal equipment for your property and an accessible place to keep it. If you don’t have enough room in your yard to pile up 5 months worth of white stuff or don’t think you have the time, now is the time to arrange for snow plowing and removal. 

  • Our last tip is For Men Only**: FYI, November is beard maintenance month.Thanksgiving is coming and you need to be presentable. Trim the deer beard. Remember you got it here first. (You’re welcome.) **Call it male privilege if you want, but it’s the truth. At least in the U.P. If you don’t like it, California is over there. 

Keep Your U.P. Home in Tip Top Shape All Year Round

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