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In a home, mold can cause structural damage such as wood rot. It can ruin drywall and other porous materials. Most importantly, mold in your home can cause serious health problems.

We offer 2 types of professional mold testing: mold only, and mold with particulate. Be safe: schedule your mold inspection today!

Why Schedule Mold Testing?

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Symptoms of mold exposure vary by person and may include runny nose, chronic cough, frequent headaches, immune system issues, fatigue, anxiety, and more. 

 Mold and Your Health

We’ve all heard of “Black Mold” and “Toxic Mold”. Though some molds are more toxic than others, the presence of any mold in the home can trigger a myriad of health conditions in some people. 

Commonly, mold causes allergic reactions in those who come in contact with mold itself or its spores. Airborne mold spores can cause respiratory issues and asthma. Inhaled spores can cause hay fever type symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. 

Certain molds also produce a toxin called “mycotoxins,” from which the term “toxic mold” is derived. As suggested these types of molds can have grave effects if present. Most often they result in allergic reactions, but in some cases the toxic effects can also cause headaches and other types of symptoms.  

How Mold Can Damage Your Home

Mold requires moisture to grow, making mold an indicator of moisture infiltration or an issue with humidity. Unwanted moisture in the home can cause problems ranging from structural warping to peeling paint to property damage or loss. 

Mold itself negatively effects the integrity of a structure by decomposing the materials your home is built of. It consumes cellulose, so it eats wood—causing rot which weakens your home. 


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Mold likes to hide in the walls, crawlspaces, and attics of homes. A mold inspection is often the only way to determine if moldl is truly the issue.  

Which Mold Test Is Best For You? 

We offer two types of mold testing so you can choose the mold inspection service that best suits your needs:

Standard Mold Inspection

Our standard professional mold testing services include a visual inspection for mold in your home plus three samples with lab analysis. We test for the 17 most common species of household mold; results typically come back in 2-3 business days.

 Mold Inspection With Particulate Testing

Mold isn’t the only household air quality issue. Airborne particulates also commonly contribute to respiratory illness and fatigue. Our mold plus particulate testing package reveals levels of pollen, dander, dust mites, and 19 other common particulate types in your home.

Not sure which to choose? Call us at 906-360-3879 and we’ll be glad to help! 

Upper Peninsula Mold Testing Service Area

We proudly provide mold inspection services in communities located in the central and western Upper Peninsula:

  • Trowbridge Park, MI
  • Tilden, MI
  • Skandia, MI
  • Sands, MI
  • Sagola, MI
  • Rock River, MI
  • Republic, MI
  • Palmer, MI
  • Norway, MI
  • Negaunee, MI
  • Munising, MI    
  • Marquette, MI
  • Manistique, MI                              
  • Kingsford, MI
  • Ishpeming, MI  
  • Iron River, MI
  • Iron Mountain, MI
  • Gwinn, MI          
  • Gladstone, MI
  • Ford River, MI
  • Escanaba, MI
  • Eben Junction, MI          
  • Deerton, MI
  • Crystal Falls, MI
  • Chocolay, MI
  • Brampton, MI   
  • Au Train, MI
  • And More!

Don’t See Your Community?

Don’t worry! We travel past our standard service area for a small additional surcharge. Feel free to reach out to Rich Beasley, owner of U.P. Home Inspection LLC., to confirm at (906) 360-3879.

Do I Really Need Mold Testing?

EPA says that if you have already found visible mold in your home, there is no need for a visual mold inspection.  

A mold test IS an excellent idea if you are experiencing health problems or have any other reason to suspect mold, but can’t find the source.

Mold testing can help you rule out mold as a problem. If mold is found, a professional mold inspector can help determine the extent of any mold infestation you may have, so you can take appropriate action to get rid of it.

Think You May Have Mold But Can’t Find the Source?

 Mold is dangerous to your health and can put your home at risk. If you think your home has mold, make an appointment with our Mold Inspector today! 

 What to Expect From Your Upper Peninsula Mold Inspection

In 7 easy steps, U.P. Home Inspection LLC. will find out for you whether and how much mold may be present in your home. Your results will be available digitally—no waiting for a slow paper copy to come in the mail.

1. The first step to getting your mold test done is to schedule a mold inspection here.

2. Your mold inspector will arrive on the scheduled day and time of your test. You can expect the on-site portion of your mold inspection to take about 90 minutes.

3. First, we do a visual inspection of the interior of your home, looking for any visible signs of mold.

4. Then, our mold inspector will take air samples using a professional grade mold test canister.  Typically, we take two interior and one exterior samples. (However if there is snow cover on the ground the exterior sample will not be needed because mold will not be present outside.) Expect this step to take 20-30 minutes.

5. Your samples will be sent out to a lab for examination. Results typically come in about 2-3 business days.

6. Once your report comes back from the lab, your mold inspector will email you a PDF-format copy.

7. Your U.P. home inspector will be available by phone to discuss the findings of your report.


photo of laboratory microscope used in mold testing

We send our mold testing samples to a licenced and accredited 3rd party biotechnology laboratory for analysis. 

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Mold infestations often grow worse with time. If you suspect you may have mold in your home, don’t put off finding out for sure!

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