Get the Edge You Need to Sell Your Home at a Premium  

A Seller’s Inspection (pre-inspection) looks a lot like a buyer’s home inspection but brings unique advantages and benefits to the seller.


  • Build credibility with potential buyers

  • Reduce negotiation stress

  • Correct issues before you list your home to sell faster and at a higher price

  • Work with contractors you know and trust

  • Avoid sky-high last-minute estimates with the clock ticking and your home sale on the line.

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Why Schedule a Pre-Inspection When You List Your Home?

Taking the one simple step of having a seller’s inspection done for your home will put your listing head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s why:

  • A seller’s inspection demonstrates to potential buyers that you are as concerned about their investment as they are.
  • You can show your potential buyers your recent UP home inspection report and the resulting repair records to build credibility.
  • A seller’s inspection can help you get the best offer possible on your property because it eliminates negotiating points for the seller.
  • With a seller’s inspection, you have the power to choose the contractors for repairs—a moneysaving advantage.
  • Seller’s inspections relieve anxiety—no more biting your nails while you wait to see if an inspection will kill the deal.
  • Conducting a pre-inspection (or seller’s inspection) makes your property attractive to time- and budget-conscious buyers, because it’s one less thing they have to do. The psychological advantage of taking a burden off their platewill pay off when the offer comes in.

Want to add an additional level of assurance for your buyer? We suggest you also utilize our re-inspection services. It’s an affordable way to provide proof that the repairs were done right.

Exterior siding and trim


Porches, decks, patios

Attic spaces

Attached garage


Water Heater



Interior rooms


Stairs and railings






Structural Systems


Are you planning to sell your Upper Peninsula property soon?

If so, planning for and scheduling a seller’s inspection, or pre-inspection of your home, is one step you do not want to miss before putting your property on the market.

Fast, Convenient Reporting

Our advanced software generates an inspection report you and your realtor can view online within 24-48 hours of completion of the inspection.

Your report can be dozens of pages long, covering hundreds of details of the home.

But don’t worry! It is fully searchable, so you’ll be able to find the areas most concerning to you with the click of a mouse.

And, we highlight issues of high, medium, and low priority in a special section to help you quickly and  easily prioritize any repairs that need to be done before you sell.

Why Choose U.P Home Inspection LLC for Your Preinspection?

When you schedule a UP seller’s home inspection performed by U.P. Home Inspection LLC, you can expect the same meticulous standards of practice backed by InterNACHI® —the world’s leading association for home inspectors.

We are known in U.P. real estate circles for having the most meticulous and thorough home inspector reports in the area. Our fully searchable digital reporting system provides you with a detailed priority list of issues in your home so you can budget appropriately. We also include information and videos on proper repair to eliminate the guesswork on how the issues should be addressed.

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A seller’s home inspection can give you the edge you need to sell your home at a premium!

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