“The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.”

—Sol Hurok

With all the hustle and excitement of buying a new property, you may be grateful to simply have a roof over your head once the deal is finally done. But when making a real estate investment, whether commercial or residential, the condition of your potential property’s roof should not be overlooked. It might be a good idea to get a roof inspection.

Faulty or Deteriorating Roofs Are a BIG Problem

Here’s a wake-up call: replacing a roof is one of the priciest renovations out there. You can expect to shell out anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 to install a new roof on your property. And if we’re talking about expansive commercial properties—that cost can end up being much, much more.

Additionally, a faulty roof can lead to countless additional problems that threaten your property’s structural and cosmetic appearance. Think water damage, bubbling paint, damaged wallpaper, or even a dreaded mold infestation.

Luckily, when scheduling your property viewing, you can prepare a simple checklist to conduct a preliminary roof inspection of your own. If you see more than a few of these issues on your initial viewing—it might be time to consider another property or negotiating down the price. This blog is all about going into your real estate deal with eyes wide open—and giving you the strongest negotiating stance possible.

Do-It-Yourself Mini Roof Inspection: Top 4 Roofing Problems Buyers Can Spot With the Naked Eye

Roof with deteriorated shingles

1. Curled or Deteriorating Shingles

This is an easy to spot problem from the ground level. As you can see in the picture above, it’s obvious there’s a problem with these shingles. The lower end of the roof (on the right) is only six feet from the ground.

But if you look at the highest point of the roof (roughly 12 feet from the ground), you will see an additional hidden problem. There are penetrations in the roof near the antenna that will need to be resealed. If not, the buyer could expect a problem with leaking down the line.

Here’s where conducting your own preliminary roof inspection can save the day: You may not have noticed the hidden problem, but the issues you DID see are a reliable indication that there might be more wrong. When you see stuff like this, you now know it’s time to call in a professional roof inspector to get an idea of the bigger picture.

roof with missing shingles

2. Missing Shingles (left)

Keep an eye out for shingle discoloration, missing shingles, shingle mounding, or even shingles that have blown off onto the ground. These are all indications that you should schedule a professional roof inspection to figure out what’s going on.

wavy shingles covered in lichen

3. Moss and Lichens (pictured below)

Moss and lichens can proliferate on roofs quite quickly. The problem with these growths is that they will hold moisture on the roof and reduce the life of the roof covering.

4. Uneven Roof

You don’t have to be a professional roofing inspector to know that something is amiss with the roof in the photo to the right. The shingles are no longer adequately adhered to each other, and there is also quite a bit of undulation. In this case, it is because these shingles were installed over shake. Similar issues could also result from failed or uneven decking or other reasons.

If you run into a situation like the one in the picture, you may be looking at having to replace all the shingles and decking to get the roof back to top quality. Having a roof inspection by a certified roofing inspector will give you a better idea of what is actually going on, along with any associated issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

Why Bring In a Professional Roof Inspector for Your Upper Peninsula or Marquette Home Inspection?

You now know the four major problems to look out for when doing a property viewing, so why bring in a professional?

Without a professional, these BIG questions still remain:

  • “How bad is the problem with my roof?”
  • “Will I need to replace the entire roof?”
  • And “What other issues might be going on that are NOT obvious to the average person?”

A certified home inspector will answer all these questions and more before you put in an offer on any property—ensuring you get the best deal possible.

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Rich Beasley conducts professional roof inspections.
Rich Beasley conducts professional roof inspections.

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