Why Get a Negaunee Mold Inspection?

The city of Negaunee is known for its rich history, antique shops, and outdoor sports like skiing and biking. Most of the homes in the area are antique, showing gorgeous woodwork made with artistry.

Before you buy one of these historic homes, consider a Negaunee mold test. In a climate like ours, mold can thrive in any home – but especially in features of old homes such as old carpet, coal dust in the walls, and horsehair plaster.

Our mold inspector can often schedule you in a week or two and have your results as soon as 3 business days after inspection.

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What to Expect During Your Negaunee Mold Test

Expect your Negaunee mold test to take 1-2 hours. Your standard mold inspection will include:

  • A visual walkthrough of your home. We look for signs of active mold growth and early signs of moisture intrusion you may not have noticed yet.
  • 3 air samples. In warm months, we take 2 air samples inside the home and 1 outside the home for comparison. Since mold isn’t active in cold weather, in winter we take an extra indoor sample instead.
  • 3rd party lab analysis. After we’ve collected the air samples, we send them off to a certified lab for analysis. There, your samples will be inspected for the 17 most common types of mold.

You can expect your Negaunee mold test results back from the lab within 3 business days.

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Negaunee Mold Test Options

Above is what you can expect from our standard mold testing. But that’s not all you can get. We offer several different air quality services in Negaunee, MI.

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Standard Mold Testing

This package includes a visual mold inspection, 3 air samples, and 3rd party lab testing of 17 types of mold.

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Mold + Particulate Testing

This upgrade includes everything in our standard mold test. We will also test for 22 of the most common airborne particulates and allergens.

Radon Testing Marquette Michigan

Radon Testing

As the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US, radon is another major air quality concern. Consider adding a 48 hour radon test when you schedule your Negaunee mold test.

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