Gwinn MI Home Inspections

The Gwinn, MI real estate market is one of the most unique in the Upper Peninsula. Because many of the properties in Gwinn were once part of the K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base, you’ll need a home inspector that understands the distinctive attributes and quirks of the properties there.

Whether you are buying, selling, or renting properties, we provide the comprehensive Gwinn MI home inspections you’ll need to have the utmost confidence and trust in your buying decision.

At U.P. Home Inspection LLC, it’s our goal to give you the peace of mind you need to make your Gwinn home buying process safe, easy, and swift.

If you’re ready to schedule a home buyer’s inspection, home seller’s inspection, commercial property inspection, home maintenance inspection, or home re-inspection in Gwinn, MI— we’re here to help.

What’s Included in Our Gwinn MI Home Inspections?

Our comprehensive inspection process leaves no stone left unturned. Our Gwinn MI home inspections include the following…


Outside Home Inspection Points

· Exterior walls, siding, and covering

· Roofing trim and flashing

· Driveways, walkways, and paths

· Drainage

Window and Door Inspection Points

· Exterior doors

· Windows

· Garage doors

· Garage door sensors

Foundation, Basement, and Crawlspace Inspection Points

· Crawl spaces and basements

· Foundation inspection

· Structural inspection

· Water intrusion inspection


Electrical Inspection Points

· Power switches

· Utility meter check

· Electrical security and safety

HVAC Inspection Points

· Heating system

· Cooling system

· Thermostats

· Vents

· Radiators

Plumbing Inspection Points

· Water heating system

· Drain inspection

· Interior water supply

· Water shutoff valve

· Sump pumps

We Also Offer the following Gwinn MI Home Inspections Services:



· Radon Testing in Gwinn, MI

· Mold Testing in Gwinn, MI

· Water Testing in Gwinn, MI

· Manufactured Home Certifications in Gwinn, MI

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Additional Issues We Look for in Gwinn MI Home Inspections

Established in the mid-1930’s In Gwinn, MI, K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base features a multitude of properties built by the U.S. government. This ranges from warehouses to office buildings to housing.

One unique thing we look for in your Gwinn, MI property inspection is a particular type of electrical panel that was heavily used by the military at the time and is no longer considered to be safe.

We can also examine your property for radon exposure, as the Gwinn area is known to be at risk level 2 for radon.

Additionally there is a lot of defunct military base housing in this community. Gwinn MI home inspections typically find many issues with hidden damage under roofing built up with layers of tar and gravel.

Lastly, your Gwinn home inspector will look for common structural and foundational issues that are known to be widespread in the area—ensuring your investment is safe and sound (structurally AND financially).


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