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At U.P. Home Inspection LLC, we know Escanaba, or “Esky,” like the back of our hands. While the housing market is similar across the Upper Peninsula, every U.P. community has its own unique housing stock.

When we do your home inspection in Escanaba, MI, you can expect us to keep a sharp lookout for any issues related to the following and any other special situations during your commercial or residential property inspection. We offer the most complete home inspection report in the U.P., so you know we’ve got you covered. (Plus it’s fully searchable and easy to read!)

Here are a few of the things we often see in Escanaba homes:

1. Relocated Homes—The most unique thing about the Escanaba realty market is that many homes were physically moved and relocated to the area. These homes were moved due to rapid industrial and commercial development in the area, creating a demand for more housing—and fast.

2. Structural Certifications—Escanaba also features a large stock of manufactured homes, which will require a foundation certification to receive financing if purchased through FHA and HUD. Luckily, we are familiar with this process and can absolutely provide you with the certification required to secure financing for your property.

3. Wind Damage—Another common issue in Escanaba is that it’s a high wind area. What does this mean for your Escanaba home inspection? We’ll look at the quality of exterior structures like roofing and siding to ensure they don’t present maintenance or installation issues that will need to be addressed.

4. Aging Properties—Aging mechanical systems are a common issue in Escanaba. Many of these homes are at the tipping point because they’re 50+ years old and still have original forced air and other systems. In that case, you should schedule a home maintenance inspection to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

We offer home buyer’s inspections, commercial property inspections, home maintenance inspections, and home re-inspection in Escanaba, MI —Schedule yours today.

What Will Your Escanaba Home or Commercial Property Inspection Include?

Your home inspector will ensure that all the significant operational and structural features of your residential or commercial property in Escanaba are working as they should.


· Appliances

· Attic spaces

· Bathroom

· Electrical

· Fireplaces


· Interior rooms

· Kitchen

· Plumbing

· Stairs and railings

· Structural integrity

· Ventilation

· Water heater


· Attached garage

· Exterior siding and trim

· Chimney

· Foundation

· Porches, decks, patios

· Roofing

Additional Services offered in Escanaba: Commercial Inspection, Radon Testing, Water Testing, and Mold Testing.

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