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Located in Iron County, the Crystal Falls, MI realty market is a favorite for those who love to hunt, fish, camp, ice skate, hike, and simply enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

The Crystal Falls Area was initially developed as a hub for iron mining and the timber industry. In recent years, it has progressively taken off as a popular area for tourism, second homes, retirement homes, camps, and starter homes.

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What’s Included in Our Crystal Falls Home Inspections?

Our detailed inspection process gives you the utmost confidence in your buying decision. Our home inspectors will examine the following:

• Appliances

• Attached garage

• Attic spaces

• Bathroom

• Electrical

• Exterior siding and trim


•  Fireplaces

• Foundation


• Interior rooms

• Kitchen

• Plumbing


• Porches, decks, patios

• Roofing

• Stairs and railings

• Structural Systems

• Ventilation

• Water Heater

More Than Your Basic Home Inspection

More Than Your Basic Home InspectionOur comprehensive Crystal Falls home inspections cover your entire homes from the roof all the way down to the foundation and everything in-between. We also offer additional services to ensure your property investment delivers an excellent return on investment for you.

It’s critical to address environmental issues in the home such as water quality, indoor air quality, and radon. The first step, of course, is to schedule testing so you know whether these are an issue in your home.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in that department, too! Don’t forget to add appropriate testing services to your Crystal Falls home inspections.

Indoor Environmental Testing Services in Crystal Falls, MI:

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We Know What to Look For in Your Crystal Falls, MI Home

When inspecting properties in Crystal Falls, your U.P. Home Inspector will look out for common problems in the area.

One issue we see a lot of in our Crystal Falls home inspections is stone foundations. Many of the homes in the Crystal Falls area are more than 100 years old (yes, a century!) Back then, stone was a standard foundation building material. While many stone foundations are still in great shape, after 100 years we often see issues such as settling and degeneration that can affect the structural integrity of the home.

Also, because we are dealing with older homes, we come across many structures with failing or abandoned chimneys. We’ll be sure to take plenty of care to ensure your property is structurally and financially safe before you pull the trigger on purchasing or selling.

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