So here we are in January again! Another year, another chance to create history.

At U.P. Home inspection, LLC, we are looking forward to the year ahead, and hope you are, too. Before the 2024 gets into full swing—and with the New Year just behind us—this seems like a good time to celebrate where we’ve come from and to set our sights on what’s to come.

So, we invite you to join us for a quick 2023 year-in-review—and a sneak peek at what’s in store at U.P Home Inspection in 2024.

U.P. Home Inspection Highlights from 2023

For us at U.P. Home Inspection, 2023 was a busy year. No wonder it flew by so quickly! Let’s take a look at the highlights of the year.

⭐2023: A Year of Growth for U.P. Home Inspection, LLC

2023 was our third full year in business. They say if a business is going to take off, it will most likely happen in year three. Whoever “they” is, boy were they right in our case!

In 2023, U.P. Home Inspection enjoyed an overall growth rate of 41% over the previous year (which itself was 25% over our revenue in 2021.) We estimate this to represent approximately 8% of homes sold in the U.P. this year. (Keeping in mind that not all homes are inspected professionally, this represents a sizeable chunk of Upper Peninsula homes inspected.)

⭐Location, Location, Location: Where We Did Business in 2023

The U.P. is a big place, spanning 370 miles tip to tip an encompassing an area of over 16,000 square miles. The Upper Peninsula represents one third of the land mass of Michigan, but only 3% of the population. For us, that spells one thing: lots and lots of seat time!

In 2023, U.P. Home Inspection performed home inspection services in every one of the U.P.’s 15 counties. From Gogebic County to Chippewa County, Keweenaw County to Menominee County and everything in between, our intrepid inspector Rich Beasley provided service with a smile.

⭐Rolling Along in Style

Rich with our friend at Signs Unlimited proudly posing with our newly wrapped van!

Speaking of seat time, one of the most memorable things about 2023 was that we rolled into the year on a new set of wheels!

Back in December, 2022, we upgraded our little Ford Transit Connect to the full size version. Thanks to Signs Unlimited in Marquette, MI, she got all dolled up in July. Can’t miss us rolling down the highway now!

The 3 Things We Are Most Grateful For in 2023

Our customers deserve the best – including extra time spent explaining what’s going on with a house.

Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said: “No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” 

Whether or not we at U. P. Home Inspection can claim to be wise and confident, we surely feel a ton of gratitude for all the wonderful people who touched our lives and business in 2023! We’d like to extend our thanks especially to:

  • All our wonderful customers: You are so VERY much appreciated!
  • Everyone who referred us in 2023: We are so grateful for every single realtor, mortgage broker, client, and anyone else who gave us their vote of confidence last year. We strive to live up to your good word and then some!
  • The goods and services providers who supported U.P. Home Inspection last year: Behind every great business is a ton of support from other businesses. From service station attendees to insurance agents and so many more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us be the best we can be every day of the year!

Future Plans: 3 Things to Expect from U.P. Home Inspection This Year

We are so excited for the year ahead! While we can’t share all our plans for 2024, here are 3 things we are excited to implement over the next 12 months:

  • Rising Above: we plan to invest in a new drone that will enable us to offer improved home inspection reports (especially when it comes to roof inspections!)
  • Better Reporting: we are currently in the process of upgrading our home inspection reporting system to make it more accessible and useful for our customers.
  • Continued Growth: we look forward to serving even more customers with the same great service (or better) in 2024!

How Can We Help You Best in 2024?

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what U.P. Home Inspection has been up to for the past year, and where we’re headed in 2024. We wish you the very best for the year ahead. And as always, if there’s anything we can do to make your life better or easier this year, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know!