There are many reasons why you might need home inspection services in Marquette, MI. Maybe you’re looking to cash in on your real estate investment. Perhaps you’re looking to put down roots in a new community. No matter the reason, there are a few unique circumstances that we run into when providing home inspection services in Marquette – and in today’s blog, I am going to share them with you.

Common Issues with the Structure of the Home

These issues are related to the structural integrity of the home. When structural elements are out of balance – or in disrepair – your home can quickly become unsafe. Getting these issues fixed as needed is your best bet for protecting your family and savings.

  • Foundations. Homes in Marquette are often quite old (some over 100 years). Because of this, I often find foundation issues like crumbling sandstone, for instance. Additionally, I have seen quite a few basements with a massive chunk of bedrock right in the center.
  • Chimneys. Brick chimneys are iconic but can deteriorate over time in older homes. When providing home inspection services in Marquette, I often find brick chimneys that have deteriorated. The problem with deteriorating or unlined chimneys goes much further than aesthetics. Harmful gasses can be released into your home, which poses a significant health risk.
  • Fireplaces. Homes in Marquette often feature lovely old fireplaces and mantles. Before you plan your holiday family photos in front of a roaring fireplace, I recommend homeowners or buyers consider having a chimney sweep come through and ensure everything is working correctly. During your appointment with a chimney sweep, you can ask them to teach you how to use your fireplace safely.

Common Issues That Will Require Updating or Repair

This section of common issues will require updating, replacement, or repair to guarantee the home is in good working order. Typically issues like these top my priority list.

  • Wiring. Knob and tube wiring is found more often than you may think in Marquette homes. Hiring a professional for home inspection services in Marquette is your best bet to get to the bottom of wiring issues in your home because it can be surprisingly tricky to find. I actually inspected a home in Marquette just last week, and the owner was a general contractor. Even he missed the fact that his house had an out-of-date knob and tube wiring system.
  • Plumbing. When your plumbing isn’t functioning as it should, you are basically living in the dark ages. If your home inspector finds pressing issues related to your plumbing – I recommend taking care of it before it turns into a significant inconvenience.
  • Asbestos. Marquette has a large number of homes with steam boilers. Back when these boilers were installed, the pipes were wrapped in asbestos to protect them. Even if it looks as if the previous owner had the asbestos removed, you could still find some behind a wall or going into the foundation. As you most likely know, asbestos is a health hazard for humans and animals – especially if it has been disturbed.
  • Drainage problems. I find a lot of negative grading leading to foundations in Marquette. As I mentioned in a previous blog, negative grading is a recipe for water intrusion – and nobody wants that. Luckily, negative grading can be easily fixed with landscaping elements or French draining systems.

Maintenance is Key: Stay on Top of Roof Maintenance  

I don’t find as many problems with roofs in Marquette as in other places like Negaunee or Ishpeming. But what I do see is old, pressed metal roofing that needs to be maintained. Even if your metal roof is 100 years old, it can work quite well if it’s properly coated and painted. Without maintenance, there’s a good chance it’ll start to deteriorate in short order.

In Marquette, I also like to make sure there isn’t a “double roof.” A double roof is when a new roof is installed right on top of an old one. This quick-fix solution can lead to major headaches down the line and is not the industry standard. When providing home inspection services in Marquette, I will go up into the attic to see what type of fasteners are attached to the decking for signs of a “double roof.”

To get my best tips for keeping your roof in good shape, please read my blog, The Yooper’s Ultimate Guide to Roofing Maintenance.

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