What you don’t know can hurt you. And when it comes to a substantial investment like your family’s home or a rental property, frequent maintenance inspections are key to protecting your asset.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Think of a home maintenance inspection like a check-up for your property. Just like your annual physical, a home maintenance inspection can identify any underlying issues early on and confirm a clean bill of health.

What Happens During My Home Maintenance Inspection?

When you schedule a maintenance inspection with U.P. Home Inspection LLC, you can expect the following:

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  • A certified inspector will walk through your home, examining all the main systems, including walls, roof, HVAC, foundation, plumbing, and electrical, to spot anything that may be starting to degrade or malfunction.
  • If you choose to be present for the inspection, we will point out what was found and explain what is happening in your home. At this point, you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions. Your certified inspector will then bring things to your attention that you regularly do to keep your home functioning as it should.   
  • A few days after your inspection, you will receive a detailed written report with everything your inspector found. This is a great time to start planning and budgeting for any necessary repairs or updates.

How Is a Home Maintenance Inspection Different From a Buyer’s Inspection or a Seller’s Inspection?

A home maintenance inspection is exactly the same as a buyer’s or seller’s inspection in practice but is conducted for different reasons. You will receive the same attention to detail and extensive reporting that we provide to all of our home inspection clients.

Why Schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection?

If you own a property, you’ve most likely already been through the entire process of getting it inspected before closing the deal. But don’t rest on your laurels, because major systems in older houses can deteriorate (and fast) if you don’t keep on top of them.

Here are the top 3 reasons why scheduling a home maintenance inspection is a genius idea:

  1. Avoid surprise repair costs. Many of us don’t have thousands of dollars laying around for a significant repair, and when things break down, they seem to always do so at the worst possible time. Scheduling annual home maintenance inspections will allow you to anticipate and save up for significant repairs on the horizon.
  2. Safeguard your family or tenants. Whether you own a rental property, family home, or both, safety is of the utmost importance. In fact, a staggering 21 million medical visits per year can be attributed to home injuries. To be sure problems like radon, mold, carbon monoxide, and electrical fires don’t put the people you care for in jeopardy, schedule your home maintenance inspection today.
  3. Protect your asset. Owning a home is the most significant (and costly) investment many of us will ever make in our lifetime. By staying on top of necessary repairs, you avoid falling victim to what I like to call “the domino effect.” This is when one problem leads to another.

An example of “the domino effect”:

I recently inspected a home with significant roof damage that went unaddressed for several years. The loose shingles and leaking roof led to a dangerous mold infestation that required abatement, not to mention the drywall, paint, and carpeting that had to be replaced. When all was said and done, the homeowner ended up spending thousands more than they would have if they knew about the faulty roof in time.

For more details on why scheduling a home maintenance inspection is essential to protecting your real estate investment, please read our blog, 5 Top Reasons to Get a Maintenance Inspection for Your U.P. Home.

How Often Should I schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection?

U.P. Home Inspection LLC. recommends that you plan for a home maintenance inspection annually. If you suspect a major system in your home is starting to fail or flounder, we suggest calling a home inspector first to avoid being roped into unnecessary or over-the-top repair jobs.

Remember, a home inspector doesn’t benefit from finding problems with your home, but a repair person may. Inspectors are an unbiased party that has no skin in the game.

Don’t Forget Mold, Water, and Radon Testing

When scheduling your home maintenance inspection, don’t forget to add the following testing to your report:

These necessary checks will ensure your family or tenants live in a safe environment and that your property will accelerate in value for years to come.

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