Good news for manufactured home buyers, sellers, realtors, and lenders across the central and western Upper Peninsula:  U.P. Home Inspection LLC is proud to announce that we are now working in collaboration with MFD Home Certifications LLC, to provide manufactured home foundation/addition certifications!  

InterNACHI certified home inspector Rich Beasley, owner of U.P. Home Inspection LLC, MI, received his certification through MFD Home Certifications LLC in January, 2021 as a Registered Field Inspector of manufactured home foundation and additions. MFD Home Certifications LLC is a Michigan engineering firm that specializes in certifying manufactured (MFD) homes to meet federal standards.

What are MFD Home Certifications (HUD Certification for Manufactured Homes)?

Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards are a federally mandated set of requirements for constructing, designing and installing MFD homes. These standards were established to assure the durability, quality, safety, and affordability of these properties. The stringent standards apply to all MFD homes produced after June 15, 1976, and must be adhered to when buying or selling such a property.

Why Might You Need a Manufactured Home Foundation/Addition Certification?

manufactured home 2

When buying or facilitating the purchase of a manufactured home (MFD home), a home foundation/addition certification is required to secure lending through HUD (housing and urban development). Because this statute prohibits buying, selling, or leasing MFD homes that do not meet the standards, HUD foundation certification is an essential step in the MFD home buying process. Without this certification, criminal penalties for violations of the statute may apply.

What will be determined during a foundation/addition certification inspection for an MFD home?

When we perform a HUD foundation and/or addition certification for manufactured home, we check for the following:

  • If the MFD home is permanently tied down properly
  • That any attached structure will not float off the piers or foundation
  • That the drainage of the house will not flood the crawlspace or basement

Where will your inspector check when conducting your manufactured home foundation certification?

  • Foundation
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Room additions
  • Storage sheds that are attached to the structure
  • Pavers
  • Patios
  • Any other installed attachment on your home

Looking for MFD Home Certification?

If you are a buyer, realtor, lender, or seller in need of a HUD foundation certification or addition certification, reach out to Rich Beasley, U.P. Home Inspection LLC owner, at (906) 360-3879. Or schedule your appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.